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About Dr. Susan Plank, D.C.

Dr. Susan Plank’s interest in health and natural medicine was a natural development from her youth growing up on the family farm.  Responsibilities on the farm included caring for the animals, helping maintain the family garden and canning.   Hard work was expected and the benefits of proper nutritionand good clean food was apparent. Close family ties were instilled at an early age.


Through Dr. Plank’s life her mother, Harriet, suffered many digestive complaints, she constantly struggled to lose weight.  As a child Dr. Plank can remember when her mother had her gallbladder removed and brought the gallstones home in a jar from the hospital.


Into adulthood, Dr. Plank watched as her mother suffered with lactose intolerance, allergic sinusitis, weight gain and chronic digestive issues.  Harriet's irritable bowel syndrome, caused terrible abdominal pain, bloating and would frequently inhibit her socializing with friends.  Her mother frequently visited doctors but found no relief from her symptoms.


In 2010 Harriet was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  At that time all of Dr. Plank’s educational and life experiences culminated in attempting to beat that cancer.  Harriet was treated for pancreatic cancer at Johns Hopkins hospital.  Unfortunately, the chemotherapy was hard on her liver and Harriet Plank went to heaven in 2012.


Dr. Plank feels the years of unresolved digestive symptoms caused her mother's weight gain, weakened her mother’s immune system and was a factor in her developing yet another digestive issue, cancer.  Dr. Plank’s passion was ignited in the years caring for her mother and she has made it her mission to help others that are suffering with weight issues and chronic digestive problems looking for a natural functional approach to regain their health and vitality.




Dr. Susan Plank has become an expert in natural remedies for weight and digestive health issues.


Dr. Plank holds a baccalaureate degree in Human Biology and received her doctorate degree in chiropractic in 1990.  She specializes in digestive health utilizing functional medicine.


Dr. Plank is author of “Reversing Brain Injury Naturally.”  She has been a guest presenter at the Pennsylvania Brain Injury Association annual conference multiple years.


2010       Complimentary & Alternative Therapies for Traumatic Brain Injury

2011       Nutritional Perspectives for Impaired Brain cognition

2012       Dietary Antioxidant Therapies for Traumatic Brain Injury

2014       Stress & Fatigue after Brain Injury

2018       Appointed to the Commonwealth of Pa Brain Injury Advisory Board


As a staunch advocate of self empowerment Dr. Plank works closely with her clients to ensure success with digestive re-establishment programs, weight management and post-cancer/disease micronutrient balancing.

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