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FAQ's: Frequently Asked Questions


Why is Dr. Plank's blood work and nutritional care different than my doctor would offer?


Dr. Plank, your primary care physician (PCP) and any doctor will evaluate your blood work for abnormal results.  Dr. Plank's 25 years of experience allows her to interpret your blood work for underlying and overlooked nutritional  irregularities. 


Completing thorough blood work is necessary to evaluate for biologic and biochemical imbalances in your body.  These labs reveal imbalances, preventing progression of symptoms.


For example, hormones are frequently imbalanced in men and women but rarely ordered by physician's.  Dr. Plank will evaluate your body as a whole to find the cause of your symptoms.


Does your office take insurance for your services?


Health insurance limits care by imposing limitations on testing, number of visits and visit length.


We love to think we have wonderful health insurance coverage only to get hit with high medical bills due to deductibles, co-pays, co-insurances or insurance imposed limitations.

We offer affordable plans that include blood work.  We've found it impossible to give sufficient attention and personalized care to our clients in an insurance controlled setting. 


If you reside in Pennsylvania and choose to use your insurance for lab services please do so with caution.  Labs will charge increased rates to insurance companies and you are responsible for the up charge.  We've seen mark ups of 5-12 times the cash pricing we offer.  Keep in mind Medicare and most Pennsylvania insurances no longer cover nutrition consulting.

Can I use my Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Savings Account (FSA)?

Yes, but only for individual visits. We are unable to give receipts for lab services or program packages that include lab services. 

We ask that you check with your HR or Benefits Department to be sure.

Why do Body Composition Analysis?

It is critically important to evaluate and monitor your fat, muscle and water percentages as a critical biomarker for your health and fitness. We utilize the Futrex Body Analyzer, which is highly technologically-advanced in our industry.

Please make sure you are well hydrated as we will be performing a state-of-the-art body composition analysis.

Do I need to have blood work?


Yes, if you want results. While you may have had other blood labs completed we find that the most important blood work markers are rarely ordered.  These biomarkers offer a glimpse of the efficiency of your body's energy production, biochechemistry, digestion and hormone levels.


Does Dr. Plank order and interpret blood work differently than my primary care doctor?


Yes.  The blood work Dr. Plank orders is needed to evaluate the nutritional imbalances that can cause your symptoms.  Usually, on your second visit you will be presented your lab findings and depending on the package you chose your personalized health report.  Dr. Plank will outline the step by step process needed to address the critical health markers that must be brought back into balance. 











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