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Fatigue, Bloat, Gas & Constipation

Fatigue, bloat, gas and constipation are very common conditions that can have many causes, the most common include:

  • high sugar diet
  • inflammatory foods, often common foods like gluten and dairy
  • nutritional deficiencies
  • elevated liver enzymes
  • malabsorption of proteins
  • parasitic infection


It is important that an individual suffering from fatigue, gas, bloat and constipation for longer than a few months be evaluated for irritable bowel syndrome and other conditions:

  1. food intolerances
  2. calcium loss
  3. nutritional deficiency like Vitamin D and B12
  4. protein maldigestion
  5. gallbladder and liver dysfunction
  6. potential gut infection


Invasive medical tests like endoscopy and colonoscopy aloow a doctor to "see" the digestive system but aren't helpful when evaluating the real root cause of symptoms at a cellular level or whether the functional ability of the various digestive organs is optiomal. 


Inflammatory Foods and Undiagnosed Infection Cause Many Gut Issues


As a functional medicine provider Dr. Plank can evaluate for these causes from standard laboratory tests or if necessary by more specialized stool testing.

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