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We  provide frustrated but motivated individuals a proven personalized telehealth plan for successful weight loss so they can reclaim their health, restore their energy, and start turning heads again.

Plans start at $350*

12 week VIP All-Inclusive Weight Loss

8 Week Wellness &    Weight Loss

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Self Paced Weight Loss

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Complete these steps for your free consult w/ Dr Plank:

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Jean's Down 32 pounds, amazing results!   

*Dr. Plank's Norwin Wellness Program Pricing: Program must be paid in full before personalized wellness, health or weight loss report and supplement recommendations are made.  Due to Covid-19 all Programs are non-refundable once emailed or shipped.

*Payment plans are available but require prior approval and a 15% processing fee will be added to the total cost of the package. 

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Restoring energy & confidence:

Look.  Feel.  Be!


We have an epidemic of chronic lifestyle diseases such as:

1. obesity

2. heart disease

3. diabetes

These are preventable and reversible but the medical profession is ill equipped to offer nutritional answers because they aren't offered nutrition classes. 

Can you believe it? 


Think you've tried everything?

We Can Help!


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