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Here's what people are saying about Dr. Susan Plank's Norwin Wellness Center.

"I was immediately impressed"
Donna Shuster

I first came to Dr. Plank with major digestive and gastrointestinal issues, mostly dealing with chronic diarrhea.  I was also having symptoms from being overmedicated for hypothyroidism, severe hair loss, feeling jittery, insomnia and a skin rash.

Upon my first visit with Dr. Plank, I was immediately impressed with her compassion, enthusiasm and determination to not just cover my symptoms with a band aid but, instead, to dig and discover the root causes of my symptoms and to do whatever it takes to find a healing solution.

Dr. Plank leaves no stone unturned.  She attacks every issue with passion, compassion, knowledge, wisdom and common sense.  Her expertise encompasses many avenues of healing, seeking as many alternatives as it takes to solve an issue.

For anyone who is searching for avenues of healing not found down the traditional road to wellness, I highly recommend Dr. Susan Plank.                         

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"I encourage people to make an appointment"
Linda Santimyer

I’d been diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and had gone to many specialists without getting any positive results from their recommendations.  I’d heard good comments about Dr. Plank so thought I’d see if she could help with my problem.  I am learning so much about nutrition and how important it is to a healthy life.  Dr. Plank recommended I have a special blood test that determines what my food sensitivities are.  She’s very knowledgeable about her field of work and is willing to answer any questions one might have.  I encourage people to make an appointment with her.  She’s professional, she’s caring, and she doesn’t rush through her appointments.  She treats her patients as human beings, not just a number.                                 

"She gets results"
Diane Harker

First were adjustments through the years then arthritis in my thumb.  After supplements, arthritis pain is gone.  Recently, I saw her for relief from osteopenia and bowel irregularity.  Oh my! I’ve recommended her.  She is friendly, professional, a good communicator and most of all, she gets results!                       

"Dr. Plank is the first doctor who actually listened"
Mary Ann Veitz


Initially, I went to Dr. Plank for chiropractic needs, but after a trip to the hospital revealed potential gallbladder issues I talked to her and made an informed decision.  She is genuinely concerned about her patients.  She calls to check up on you.  She takes her time with you; she cares, and is knowledgeable in her field.  Dr. Plank is the first doctor who actually listened to my concerns and made me feel like I was more than a number.  My gallbladder has improved and I have lost weight since going to Dr. Plank.

"Dr. Plank keeps in frequent contact"

Janet Phillips


My health concern initially was chronic low back pain.  After receiving treatment that was not satisfactory, I felt a need to seek someone else to relieve my pain.  Dr. Plank was recommended.  Dr. Plank treated me with manipulation and therapy, which helped, but I still had episodes of nagging back pain.  During my visits we began discussing the effects that foods have on the body-causing inflammation that just might be the reason for my recurring issues.

I ultimately had a food sensitivity test done.  It listed foods that were causing harm to my body, and had to be eliminated from my diet.  In a weeks’ time my back pain disappeared.  As time went on and pain did not reoccur I had more energy and a better outlook.  I joined a gym and with exercise and eating habits I lost 30 lbs.

Dr. Plank continues to work with me, I have learned a wealth of information about my body and the effects of nutrition and of doctor prescribed supplements.  Dr. Plank keeps in frequent contact to monitor my health, and goes above and beyond the normal parameters of a physician to keep me healthy! 

"You have been just so helpful"

Peggy S.


"Hello Dr. Plank~

I was smiling from ear to ear when I left my appointment with you.  You
have been just so helpful.

Like I told you before, I really think you got me where I want to be. Now
I just need to stay on track.

Thank you for being you!"

"Dr. Plank has provided me hope"

John Phillips, PhD.


Having had Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) and chemo I’ve been concerned about my immune system and future health.  Dr. Plank was able to recommend the necessary testing to improve my immune system and address my concerns based upon factual data. I was fortunate to have Dr. Plank explain the test results in every day terminology.  I would highly recommend the food sensitivity and the vitamin-mineral deficiency test to everyone.


Her intelligence, staying informed on health topics, follow-up with patients (very rare for medical personnel), devotes time to patients-caring about the well-being of patients, not afraid to tackle serious health issues, guarantee she will know or find the answers.


Had I met Dr. Plank earlier in my life, I am positive a number of medical issues would have been avoided.  The reason is quite simple-Dr. Plank knows what she is doing and I trust her.


Dr. Plank came into my life when I was at my lowest point-cancer, chemo, terrified.  Dr. Plank has provided me hope, vigor and the ability to face every day.  I know I’m going to make it.


 Don’t make excuses.  If one is not healthy or taking care of oneself for whatever reason(s), they are not serving any purpose to others.  What does one have to lose?  I am no longer a burden.  There were no obstacles in working with Dr. Plank.  There were only positives.  Any doubts-call me!

"Dr. Plank had me tested for food sensitivities"

Erika Kopanic


"Before coming to Plank Chiropractic, I struggled with focus and temper issues, leading me to believe I had an attention deficit condition. I worked with psychiatrists and medications that would routinely stop working after a matter of time. As a competitive athlete and career woman, I knew that I had to find a better solution. Over the summer of 2010, Dr. Plank had me tested for food sensitivities, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, other system imbalances including thyroid. We introduced supplements and corrected my diet accordingly, which created a balance I had never felt before, mentally, emotionally, and physically. I truly believe these methods can only improve one’s functions and abilities."



"After years and years ..."

Lori F.

"Dr. Susan Plank has become a key partner in my health care.  After years and years of dealing with digestive problems, I am finally beginning to find some answers.  Dr. Plank has gone above and beyond by stepping back to look at the whole picture, ordering food sensitivity and digestive tests that had never been done before, and educating me in the process of natural health.  I am now able to share my health journey with others with similar issues and have recommended Dr. Plank to many friends and family members."

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We have an epidemic of chronic lifestyle diseases such as:

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These are preventable and reversible but the medical profession is ill equipped to offer nutritional answers because they aren't offered nutrition classes. 



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