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We  provide women a proven personalized telehealth plan for successful weight loss so they can reclaim their health, restore their energy, and start turning heads again.

Your weight is a medical issue.

If you are trying to lose weight without testing, you're guessing.

Why Do You Need Dr. Plank?

If not now, when?


We have an epidemic of chronic lifestyle conditons that include:

  • obesity
  • heart disease
  • diabetes

These conditions are preventable with nutritional interventions like diet, exercise and stress reduction.  Unfortunately, most medical schools still don't offer a (singular) nutrition class in their curriculcum. 

We are being short changed which is leaving a tremendous nutritional gap between our medical system and how to best address these preventable conditions.

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Has, I want to lose weight become, I have to lose weight?

We're led to believe that eating less and exercising more is the secret to weight loss. 


But wonder if counting calories doesn't work?


I've been helping people lose weight for 30 years.  In my experience, limiting calories ensures more frustration and more weight gain.  The problem is your body, it's broken.

Why Is Dr. Plank's Plan So Effective?

Weight loss is complex.


Hi, I'm Dr. Susan Plank and most people believe (and medical professionals) believe the cause of weight gain is overeating.


This just isn't true.  Most of my new clients are undereating, sometimes less than 1000 calories a day, in an attempt to lose weight but they just end up more frustrated.


In my thirty years of developing personalized wellness and weight loss plans I've identified the 7 key areas of a Broken Body that can lead to stubborn weight gain.  The kind of weight you can't starve off. 


By testing each of these areas I isolate the cause of your weight gain and then develop a personalized plan to fix the metabolic slowdown you are experiencing.


The cause of a weight gain is unique to the individual, that's why no one diet works for everyone!


7 Key areas of a Broken Body that must be evaluated as a cause of weight gain:

  • Stress,
  • Sluggish Metabolism,
  • Inflammation,
  • Nutritional Deficiencies,
  • Hormone Imbalances,
  • Intestinal Infections like parasites and
  • Detoxification Blockages


These inhibit your body's ability to let go of excess weight and are the cause of increasing weight gain.



As Weight Loss Experts We Find the Cause of Your Broken Body

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Restoring energy & confidence:

Look.  Feel.  Be!


We have an epidemic of chronic lifestyle diseases such as:

1. obesity

2. heart disease

3. diabetes

These are preventable and reversible but the medical profession is ill equipped to offer nutritional answers because they aren't offered nutrition classes. 

Can you believe it? 


Think you've tried everything?

We Can Help!


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