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Frustrated by Weight Loss?

We're led to believe that eating less and exercising more is the secret to weight loss. 


But wonder if counting calories doesn't work?


I've been helping people lose weight for 30 years.  In my experience, limiting calories ensures more frustration and more weight gain.  The problem is your body, it's broken.

What is a Broken Metabolism?

When your body can't turn what you eat into energy, you gain weight, you become tired and have digestive issues.  This is an intricate process and when it is disrupted weight gain is inevitable.


This is what I call a broken body.  You have a vital imbalance or a nutritional deficiency that is robbing your energy and keeping you from losing weight.

Weight loss is complex.


This is because weight loss is not a simple equation of eating less calories and burning more.  If it were we'd all be lean, fit and loving ourselves.


When your Body is Broken you crave foods, you're tired, constipated and struggle with motivation.  Your body isn't capable of burning calories efficiently.  It holds on to those foods you crave causing you to feel bloated and puffy.


There are various causes of a Broken Body.  The cause must be found to restore the vitality to blocked energy pathways. 


The cause of a Broken Body is unique to the individual.  That's why no one diet works for everyone!


A Broken Body can be caused by

  • Stress,
  • Sluggish Metabolism,
  • Inflammation,
  • Nutritional Deficiencies,
  • Hormone Imbalances,
  • Intestinal Infections like parasites and
  • Detoxification Blockages


These inhibit your body's ability to let go of excess weight and are the cause of increased weight gain.



Find the Cause, Fix the Metabolism!

As Weight Loss Experts We Find the Cause of Your Broken Body

  • Nutritional
  • Detoxification
  • Metabolic/ Thyroid
  • Inflammation
  • Stress
  • Hormones

The hallmark of our weight loss plan is to find the cause of your Broken Metabolism.

  1. Adrenal stress hormones
  2. Thyroid hormone & anitbodies
  3. Reproductive hormones: estrogen, progesterone & testosterone

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Weight gain is a symptom.  The cause needs to be found. Belly bloating, hormonal imbalances and stress are common.  Our specialized lab panels will find the cause. 


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