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2 February 2019


7 Overlooked Links to Weight Loss


Your journey has started. You've done your research, you're going slow and steady, you're planning time for the gym. You're eating the right foods. You're committed.


Yet in the back of your mind you're thinking I've done this before or you're not reaching your weight loss goals.




With weight loss as well as any health related factors the reason is highly individualized. Factors related to genetics, physical, mental and emotional states can alter and hinder your progress.


Healthy eating to control blood sugar and exercise are two areas that come to mind. Research has shown that both of these areas concerning weight loss found individuals responses vary wildly.


The same food eaten by different people affected their energy, metabolism and weight gain differently. The same was found with exercise. If weight loss stalls, an increase in exercise time and intensity is common but can actually hinder weight loss further.


If your weight loss journey has continually ended in frustration, stop beating yourself up. There are many factors at play, more than healthy eating and exercise. Let's take a look:


1. Carb Choices and Tolerance


Who hasn't heard of the Atkins or Keto diet? Eat protein and fat and lose a ton of weight but there are many that it doesn't work for. Why such wonderful success for some and not others?


In short, blood sugar and feeling full and satisfied.


Blood sugar must be stabilized to allow weight loss. As discussed above, some individuals are able to eat any amount of carbs and starches but others need to use a great deal of caution of they gain weight.


Satiety or feeling full and satisfied is another common complaint with weight loss plans. Carbs and starches cause a feeling of fullness but lead to weight gain. A balanced meal plan including healthy fats and lean protein at each meal alleviates hunger.


Action Plan: Monitor how you feel closely after eating. If a higher carb meal makes you tired, grumpy or angry less than two hours later, you're carb sensitive and your blood sugar and insulin levels may not be balanced.


2. Enough Good Fats


A benefit of Atkins and Keto has taught us that good fats don't lead to weight gain which has been the theory for decades. A well functioning metabolism and hormone balance are dependent on good healthy dietary fats.


Sufficient good fats in the diet helped those who have lost weight keep it off.


 Action Plan: If you feel hungry soon after eating add in more healthy fats from avocados, nuts, seeds, olive oil and small, oily fish, like sardines. A history of gallbladder disease or fatty liver can affect any fat metabolism, healthy or not. If you notice bloating soon after eating your liver enzymes should be checked to make sure every thing is functioning normally. 


3. Stress Management and Relaxation


Chronic stress is one of the main causes of sleepless nights and cortisol the stress hormone will cause increased weight gain. Stress causes fight or flight response. This is an ingrained mode of protection from danger. Stress triggers cortisol production which causes the liver to release more glucose into the blood stream. Increased glucose causes insulin release which causes fat storage and weight gain.


Action Plan: Implementing a daily stress reduction plan using yoga, praying or meditation is necessary but having your cortisol and insulin levels checked is the only way to know definitively if these levels are responding normally.


4. Adequate Sleep


What's enough? Seven to eight hours for adults should be sufficient. Children and adolescents need even more.


Sleep deprivation makes you feel hungrier. This is due to hormones gherlin and leptin causing increased appetite and decreased sense of fullness. Just one night of sleep deprivation can t rigger these hormones. Lack of sleep causes increased eating, which causes weight gain.


Eating later in the day or snaking at night can cause blood sugar drops a few hours later which affects deeper REM sleep and cause a sudden wakefulness.


Action Plan: Practice good sleep hygiene. Go to sleep at the same time, turn off technology. Eat your largest meal of the day before 3pm. Those that eat their largest meal earlier in the day lost significantly more weight.


5. Healthy Thyroid Functioning


The thyroid gland determines how efficiently we burn calories. It is known as the master hormone of metabolism.


Many American adults have issues with poor thyroid function but have no idea. Their s ymptoms such as fatigue, being unmotivated and having frequent or constant constipation are misdiagnosed. This is truly an “overlooked link” to weight gain.


There are a couple reasons why this is happening. Doctors are often using outdated reference ranges when assessing thyroid lab results. Using ranges that were once considered normal but have been narrowed in recent years.


Many doctors only order one test, TSH. While TSH is important wider thyroid pathway function involves free T3, free T4, reverse T3 and iodine.


Hashimoto's is a condition of elevated thyroid antibodies peroxidase and thyroglobulin. It is an inflammatory condition and in the early stages may not affect TSH levels.


Action Plan: If you suspect your thyroid might not be functioning properly, ask your doctor to run a complete thyroid panel. These thyroid lab test are included in the Norwin Wellness Weight Loss package.


6. Reduce Toxic Exposure


Recently it was uncovered that our fat cells are part of our endocrine system. Fat cells release hormones and send biochemical messages.


Several factors affect our endocrine's hormonal function. Lack of sleep, chronic stress, low dietary fats and blood sugar that bounces around. But the is another culprit that gets very little attention: toxins.


Plasticizers found in plastic bottles, receipts, lawn care products, newspapers, magazines, cosmetics, body care products, food and beverages are disrupting our endocrine system and causing chaos to hormone production. The chemicals are so strongly related to weight gain and fat storage they are known as “obesogens.”


Obesogens are fat loving so they are stored in fat cells. They disrupt communication and production of our hormones. As obesogens promote fat accumulation, the increase in fat allows more obesogens to be stored.


Action Plan: To support your weight loss efforts plastic and sources of plasticizers should be consciously eliminated from your environment. A detoxification program should be implemented to mobilize and remove these harsh and harmful chemicals from your body. A 10 day detoxification plan is incorporated into Dr. Plank's Weight Loss program.


7. Sex Hormone Balance


Hormones allow communication between organs. Hormone balance is intricate, a disruption of one hormone can cause miscommunication and functional irregularity between other hormones and organs. Sex hormones are another part of our endocrine system and are drastically affected by the obesogens mentioned previously.


Research is beginning to reveal that sex hormone imbalance of progesterone, estrogen and testosterone is causative in menstrual irregularity, PMS, poly-cystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis, low testosterone, menopausal symptoms, impotence, infertility and potentially endocrine cancers.


Action Plan: If you suspect hormone issues and are experiencing symptoms, your sex hormones progesterone, estrogen and testosterone should be evaluated. These hromones are routinely tested for in Dr. Plank's Weight Loss and VIP Weight Loss Panel.



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