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Fatigue, Bloat, Gas & Constipation

Had Enough?

Fatigue, bloat, gas and constipation are very common conditions that can have many causes, the most common include:

  • high sugar diet
  • inflammatory foods, often common foods like gluten and dairy
  • nutritional deficiencies
  • elevated liver enzymes
  • malabsorption of proteins
  • parasitic infection


It is important that an individual suffering from fatigue, gas, bloat and constipation consistently for longer than a few months be evaluated for:

  1. food intolerances
  2. calcium assimilation
  3. nutritional deficiency like Vitamin D and B12
  4. protein maldigestion
  5. gallbladder and liver burden
  6. potential infection


Invasive medical tests like endoscopy and colonoscopy permit visualization of the membranes of the digestive system but aren't helpful when evaluating the actual root cause of symptoms or the functional ability of the various digestive organs. 


Dr. Plank evaluates labs nutritionally for the root cause of symptoms. 


As a functional medicine provider Dr. Plank can evaluate for these causes from standard laboratory tests or if necessary by more specialized stool testing.

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