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The mission of Dr. Plank's Norwin Wellness Center is to offer natural health solutions to those suffering from chronic health problems.  We provide natural strategies and lifestyle management to help you take control of your life and introduce you to the vibrant energetic person you deserve to be.


Are you suffering from digestive gas, bloating, fatigue, pain, constipation or diarrhea?  These symptoms can cause social isolation, embarrassment and fear associated with eating.


Your body has the ability to be strong, healthy and vibrant as long as it receives what it needs to function properly.  Gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea indicate your body is out of balance.  When these symptoms are experienced together and for longer than three months a diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS is usually made.


What causes these symptoms?  Modern medicine believes there is no known cause or cure for the symptoms of IBS.  Most medical treatments address the symptoms of IBS. 

Utilizing a functional medicine approach the focus is placed on the cause of your digestive symptoms


The cause of your symptoms will be identified through cutting edge lab testing.  When the testing is completed a personalized treatment plan is developed specifically for your needs.  There are new and exciting IBS treatment options, hope is available!


What type of testing can I expect?


Blood testing is the foundational test to determine underlying conditions that may be impairing your gut’s ability to rest, be nourished and repair.  Blood testing can identify issues such as chronic infection, thyroid imbalances and vitamin mal-absorption problems that can complicate and hinder your progress. 


An undetected infection is common with gut issues and can inhibit your body’s ability to heal.  Thyroid issues can mimic digestive dysfunction and affect proper mobility of the gut causing symptoms such as constipation and diarrhea.  Deficiencies in vitamin and mineral status will inhibit the guts ability to heal and diminish the effectiveness of the immune system to fight infection.


Stool testing is used to determine the proper functioning of the digestive, absorptive and elimination phases of the digestive tract.  Dysfunction of the digestive and absorptive phases cause a majority of the symptoms associated with IBS.  Stool testing will unveil problems with inflammation of the gut.  Acute inflammation, heat, pain, redness, swelling is necessary for the body to protect against foreign invaders such as bacteria or viruses.  Acute inflammation is a normal response to tissue regeneration.


Chronic inflammation is destructive.  Chronic inflammation of the gut lining leads to the lining breaking down allowing microscopic food particles, bacteria, toxins and waste to enter the body.  This process is known as leaky gut.  Leaky gut has been widely researched and found to be contributing in the exacerbation of auto-immune diseases, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and Celiac Disease.  Chronic inflammation and leaky gut is suspect in the development of heart disease, diabetes and even cancer.  Chronic inflammation rarely “goes away,” the cause of the inflammation must be indentified and removed to allow the gut to heal.


Food sensitivity testing is fast, accurate and identifies which foods are culprits in the cause of gut inflammation.  Food elimination diets are options to the food sensitivity testing but are found to be time consuming and frustrating.  Dining out and the consumption of packaged food complicates the ability to isolate foods which are suspect. 


Why doesn’t my doctor order these specialized tests?

Modern medicine doesn’t have all the answers.  Doctors are taught to diagnose and treat a person based on their symptoms.  In most medical practices the client’s symptoms are the focus.  Medication and surgery are directed at symptom management. 

Functional medicine focuses on identifying and removing the cause of the symptoms.  A functional medicine physician is an expert at evaluating and interpreting the specialized testing needed to address the cause of pain and discomfort.


What can I expect from my personalized treatment plan?


Diet Modification is a must to remove the offending foods that are causing inflammation, gas and bloating.  After completing the testing we will know how inflamed your gut is.  The greater the level of inflammation the more intensive your program will be to resolve the inflammatory process.


Targeted Supplementation will be used to address the findings of your lab testing.  The lab testing may uncover an underlying condition (infection, thyroid issue, vitamin deficiency) that must be addressed before addressing your gas, bloating and IBS symptoms. 

Highly absorbable supplements are used to begin the healing process of balancing your biochemistry, nourishing your body and re-establishing a healthy gut environment.  Decreasing inflammation will resolve pain, belching, gas, bloating and gut mobility problems.


Will my insurance pay for my treatment?

Dr. Susan Plank’s Norwin Wellness Center strives to offer result driven affordable care.  Due to ballooning deductibles, co-pays, co-insurances and decreased reimbursement insurance coverage is no longer accepted for this care. 


Are Gas, Bloating and Belching Coming to Thanksgiving Dinner? Why the foods we love make us miserable.

Nov 20, 2015

Ahh, Thanksgiving, the anticipation of turkey, stuffing, gravy and…heart burn. Americans purchase more antacids between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day than at any other time of the year. Overeating can be partially to blame but why are our favorite foods making us sick?

Indigestion includes symptoms of heartburn, belching, gas, bloating, nausea, constipation and diarrhea. Research reveals that 25% of adults rely on antacid use to calm indigestion. While twenty percent of individuals taking antacids have been doing so longer than ten years.

Heartburn and indigestion usually occur soon after eating. Many people experience belly pain and fullness within an hour after eating. This is when the organs of digestion; stomach, pancreas and gallbladder are working hard, producing acid and enzymes to digest your meal. Insufficient digestive juices will cause a buildup of pressure, gas, causing distention and pain.

Common client complaints have been, “After I eat I get this tight band around my belly.” “When I’m done eating, I get pain under my ribs.” “I don’t get gas but I sure do burp a lot.”

Back pain may also flair due to irritation of the nerves of the digestive system. Abdominal discomfort can refer pain to the back, frequently between the shoulder blades.

Don’t live with the pain and embarrassment of bloating, gas and belching, help is available. Learn the cause of your discomfort. Enjoy your holidays without these uninvited guests.


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