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Pain-Weight-IBS Treatments


These symptoms are closely intertwined.  Many clients present with back pain only to find out that their back pain is caused by digestive dysfunction.  Likewise, those seeking to lose weight often have an underlying health issues, such as hypoglycemia, vitamin deficiencies and pain syndromes that are sabotaging their efforts. 


I am committed to finding the underlying cause of your gas, bloating, fatigue, pain, weight issues and chronic Irritable Bowel symptoms (IBS) while also offering you natural treatments.


Our unique and comprehensive approach will reveal how and why your body is not functioning optimally.  Thorough evaluation is completed using in depth medical questionnaires to bring underlying imbalances and innocuous symptoms to light.  Blood work will be completed allowing your health concerns to be prioritized.  Specialized testing may be necessary to determine imbalances in your biochemistry.


This may include state of the art stool and specialized digestive testing, which is ideal for IBS.  Testing to ensure detection of pathogens, parasites, specific bacteria and yeast through Doctor’s Data.  


Gluten and/or dairy sensitivity is frequently experienced among IBS sufferes.  Dr. Plank also provides innovative state of the art chemical and food sensitivity testing through ALCAT. 


Nutrient deficiencies are also common among those constantly dieting and IBS sufferers.  Vitamin, anti-oxidant, mineral and immune analysis (SpectraCell Labs) can be invaluable to restore nutrient balance after bouts of IBS, for cancer prevention or recovery or other progressive disease states.


Dr. Susan Plank's Norwin Wellness Center also offers Never Diet Again weight loss and lifestyle management programs to shed weight and toxins stored in the body.  Consultation is also available to determine nutritional supplementation, diet and exercise protocols.




Pain - Weight - IBS Treatment Program


1st Visit

In this visit we will investigate your health history and current symptom profile.  An exam will be preformed including a BMI (Body Mass Index) determination.   Blood work and specialized lab testing will be ordered if warranted.  This information is necessary to help reveal imbalances that could be contributing to your Pain-Weight-IBS triad.  Initial finding will be reviewed with you at this appointment.


2nd visit

This will begin with a review of findings from your previous visit, including lab results.  A personalized plan is discussed including natural solutions to achieve your health and fitness goals.  Treatment can be initiated on this visit.


You Are In Control

From our experience it typically takes less than 3 weeks to start to see improvement in your physical symptoms.  Weight and GI symptoms can take a little longer to see progress.  Correcting nutritional imbalances and complete healing of the gut can take three to six months.


We recommend follow-up visits over a 12 to 24 week period.  These sessions consist of evaluation of your symptoms, refinement of your specific program.  Additional labs or repeat labs may be completed during this time frame to confirm your health program is getting you results!


Dr. Plank works closely with you so you have all the tools you need to succeed on your wellness program.  Many clients continue to work with us on a monthly basis until their goals are reached but that decision is yours.


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