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Stress Depletes Hormones & Causes

Anxiety  Depression  Fatigue  Bloat & Weight Gain

Are Your Hormones Affected?


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Stress: The Cause of A Broken Metabolism

Watch as Dr. Plank discusses the effects of stress on hormones, digestive disruption and weight gain.

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Understanding Viruses

Why Antibiotics Don't Work

Listen to Dr Plank's podcast as she explains how virsuses multiple, why they're hard to treat and why antibiotics don't work.

Hormones affect weight, energy, strength and intimacy yet they are rarely evaluated by mainstream medicine.

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Dr. Plank checks hormone levels to develop a personalized approach to meet your wellness and weight loss goals.

I know you've been frustrated in the past but if you're ready to make changes, live life to the fullest and give it your all, I have a plan that's helped others and can  help you reach your goals!

~Dr. Plank

Meet Our Weight Loss

Rock Stars!

Jean's Down 32 pounds!  Amazing results!                                                     

Jan's down 34!


She lost 21 pounds in 12 weeks.

Maryann dropped 14 pounds in 11 wks

Glenda's down 29 pounds!

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Here's More Weight Loss Success Stories!

Our client's are getting fatastic results:

Marianne's acid reflux is gone in under 10 days

Amy's energy is up and she's adding muscle

Mark's down 15 pounds in 6 weeks

Carolanne's blood sugar is way down

Tammie's down 15 pounds and no more upset stomach

Harald is down 50 pounds and feeling great

Connie's down 52 and losing more, her goal is in sight

Tina is down 12 even with the stress of a new job

How much do you want to lose?

Jackie's down 13 pounds with improved energy

John's down 32 pounds in under 4 months

Holly lost 12 pounds in 8 weeks

Christine is down 28 pounds in 4 months

Jodi's down 30 pounds and keeping it off!

Ann lost 16 pounds in 7 weeks

Joan lost 12 pounds


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Restoring energy & confidence:

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Weight gain is a symptom.  The cause needs to be found. Belly bloating, hormonal imbalances and stress are common.  Our specialized lab panels will find the cause. 


Think you've tried everything?

We Can Help!


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