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Meet Judy,

Judy was tired, wanted to feel better and look sensational for a dream vacation. 

 she's down 50+ pounds...

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Meet Tony,

Tony wanted to lose weight, reclaim his health and be around to meet his future grandchildren. 

 he's down 50+ pounds...

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Weight Loss

There are simply too many fad and lose weight quick diets. 


The promotions and gimmicks can suck you in because, well honestly, we want it to be easy.


Imagine if it were true:

  • no sacrifice weight loss
  • lose ten pounds a week
  • while never leaving the couch
  • keto works for everyone


Too many people fall into the trap of achieving quick-fix weight loss goals by chronic low calorie eating, taking stimulants and considering bariatric surgery!


These unnatural and unhealthy methods ultimately leave you feeling stuck, frustrated and unhappy when the weight comes piling back on.


Thankfully, Dr. Susan Plank has proven ways for you to lose weight naturally and keep it off, sustaining your weight loss is as important as losing weight in the first place.


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Gas, Bloat and Constipation

The health of your gut is incredibly important to your overall wellbeing. Its role is to obtain, absorb and deliver nutrients to the rest of the body.


If this does not occur correctly, a wide variety of health complications can take place.


Digestive distress, including fatigue, gas, bloat and constipation are only a few of the many issues caused by poor gut health and insufficient digestion.


Unfortunately, much of the prescribed treatments for these concerns are counterproductive. They may provide temporary relief from symptoms, but very rarely acknowledge the need for digestive support.


Functional medicine, however, uses a model of personalized care that focused on the root cause of dysfunction to offer sustainable health transformation. In this case, functional medicine’s primary goal is to heal the gut, improve digestion, and address imbalances within the body.


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There is a very good chance that over the years you’ve experienced negative results from a hormone imbalance, but never understood the cause.


  1. Chronic stress, for example, is a major contributor to hormonal imbalances. Stress hormones play an important function, however they can also disrupt other hormone functions leading to poor health.
  2. Menopause and andropause in mid-life cause sex hormone imbalances.
  3. Sugar cravings and poor dietary choices can lead to insulin resistance, an energy hormone.
  4. Fatigue may be due to low thyroid function even in those already taking thyroid hormone replacement therapy.  Low thyroid hormone is a  common cause of slow metabolism and low energy.

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Weight Loss Secrets for Women Over 45

Chances are you are here because your body has changed.

Free Women's Wellness Guide: Weight Loss Secrets for Women Over 45

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  • Discover why you're frustrated with weight loss is getting worse as you age. 
  • Understand your body's changes occuring as you age
  • Get action steps to live your best life
  • Know what tests to discuss with your doctor 

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Jan's down 34!


She lost 21 pounds in 12 weeks.  Jan's joint pain decreased which allowed her to exercise consistently and she joined a gym!

Maryann dropped 14 pounds in 11 wks.  Maryann's digestive and inflammatory issues diminished when we found out what foods weren't good for her.

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Restoring energy & confidence:

Look.  Feel.  Be!


We have an epidemic of chronic lifestyle diseases such as:

1. obesity

2. heart disease

3. diabetes


These are preventable and reversible but the medical profession is ill equipped to offer nutritional answers because they aren't offered nutrition classes. 



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